Executing Your Business Initiatives

Executing Your
Business Initiatives

Executing Your
Business Initiatives

You have an idea. You have a vision. But how are you actually going to get it done? DBM Grow is where ideas and implementation collide!

You have an idea. You have a vision. But how are you actually going to get it done?
DBM Grow is where ideas and implementation collide!

You have an idea. You have a vision. But how are you actually going to get it done?
DBM Grow is where ideas and implementation collide!


About DBM Grow

We enjoy being a small, relationship driven firm that focuses on becoming your dependable “move forward” department.  We take your ideas and ensure they get done! 

Design the Strategy

We work with you to understand your vision and where you want to go. Armed with your vision, we construct a strategy and plan for HOW we are going to achieve your vision.

Build the Systems

It’s time to get dirty! Our team of implementors work with you to take the plan from theory to reality.

Manage the Process

Examining what you’ve built is not easy and often overlooked. We painstakingly measure the shared expectations and goals, adjusting and improving along the way until your vision is realized.

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Case Studies.
Breg, Inc.
Breg, Inc.

Initiative Blueprinting | Campaign Design | Social Media Management
DBM worked ...

Weiniger Group
Weiniger Group

Process Improvement | CRM Campaigns
DBM worked with Weiniger Group, a team ...

Blackstone Financial
Blackstone Financial

Campaign Design | Motion Graphics

DBM worked with Blackstone Financial, a ...

LUXRE International
LUXRE International

Process Development | Print Graphics | KPI Reporting
DBM worked with LUXRE, a ...

Amplify Your Being
Amplify Your Being

Marketing Planning | Graphic Design
DBM worked with Amplify Your Being, a ...

MedEast Prosthetics & Bionics
MedEast Prosthetics & Bionics

Social Media Management | Search Engine Optimization
DBM worked with MedEast, ...

Covert Mission Games
Covert Mission Games

DBM worked with Covert Mission Games, a unique entertainment company that ...


Digital Department

Initiative Blueprinting
Marketing Planning
Process Improvement
Campaign Development


Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Website Design
Mobile App Development

Social Media Management
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Ad Campaigns

Campaign Analysis
ROI Tracking
Data Mining
KPI Reporting



Team of Professionals.

CTO & Co-Founder

Andrew Houglum is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of DBM, a national leader in innovative online marketing. Armed with a degree in Computer Science and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Andrew has created multiple businesses and fostered the growth of countless others.

Andrew Houglum
COO & Co-Founder

With a degree in Mathematics and strong analytical skills, Dustin brings a focus on operational efficiency and quality control to the Direct Business Marketing family. Dustin brings vast experience in process improvement and system management from multiple publicly traded companies.

Creative Director

Larry is a top-performing Creative Director credited with combining advertising, print, web and social media expertise delivering revenue growth and organization advancement in highly competitive markets.

Larry is a great communicator which allows him to pull out of the client's mind their vision!  In addition, his professional attitude allows him to consistently achieve and exceed client timelines and deliverable goals.

Larry Walker
Senior Graphic Designer

An accomplished photographer and graphic designer, Mike lends his talented eye to all that he does.  Mike is a detailed oriented artist with a businesses mind that allows him to know what issues may arise and tackle them at a project's outset instead of past the point of no return.

As a true professional, Mike ensures our client's deadlines are met and the graphics look amazing!

Web Master

Very proficient in managing websites using content management systems (CMS), html and css.  Her attention to detail guarantees that no website update is left behind.

She enjoys ensuring that the client's vision is realized even if the client is having a hard time articulating exactly what they want.

Full-Stack Developer

With a proven and successful track record for innovating state-of-the-art solutions on time and under budget.  Paul brings a wide range of expertise to the table.  Including developing breakthrough quantitative approaches and decision visualization techniques that propel next-generation solutions and deliver critical knowledge and understanding from big data.

Paul is also an inventor and holder of four US and international patents, his well-known Metaphor Mixer® data mining interface has been utilized across industries from finance to defense and been profiled in numerous publications, textbooks, and scientific journals.


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