Dream Big! Strategize Small.

A new year brings out grand plans and ideas on how to improve your business.  Ways to “take it to the next level!”

Most business can define what “the next level” looks like, but they don’t know HOW to get there.  Their failure isn’t in desire or lack of business know-how, but in the breakdown of what constitutes a “plan.”

Plan: a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

We see businesses that think they have a plan, but only really have an idea.  Here are a couple tips on how to turn your idea into an action plan.

  1. Divide your idea into a timeline.  Talking through the high-level steps from today to the idea’s fulfillment can help you divide the process into phases and then into smaller tasks.
  2. Take care of first things first. You don’t have to have every task for every phase decided at the beginning.  Only break the first phase down into tasks.
  3. Keep pushing. If you aren’t meeting with your team weekly (or every-other week) to assess the progress, then the tasks will get lost in the sea of the grind.
  4. Tasks need an owner. If a task doesn’t have an owner, and a clear due date – they will get pushed back and not accomplished.  If a task is too big to have a single owner; then it isn’t a task, but a phase or section and should be broken down further.

At DBM we enjoy helping business take their ideas and turn them into an actual plan.  Reach out if you are stuck and need a plan.

6 Jan, 2020
Andrew Houglum