What Does Cost Effective Image Recognition Mean for Small Businesses?

Covert Mission Games (CMG) is a unique entertainment company that offers their clients with real-life spy missions.  Players have to visit real-world locations, like a restaurant or bar, and accomplish a task to help stop The Foundation from a global take over.  Players love having a fun and unique night out, but due to its utter uniqueness the company was looking for another way to attract players.

CMG partnered with us to develop an app that would promote their unique service and give players a real-life spy mission they could play at anytime.

Our first task was to analyze how their human mission controllers progressed users through a mission, and we noticed that a common process:

  1. Go to location X
  2. Send me a photo to prove you are there

Or another common process:

  1. We’ve hidden a clue
  2. Here is a photo of what you are looking for

It was clear to us that we needed to find an enterprise level image recognition platform, but on a small business budget.

Clarifai was our life saver!

Their API has both general (dog, cat, grass, etc) image recognition built in, but also offers the ability to “train” the system to look for specific objects.

If you think your business could benefit from an app with image recognition – let us know!


Andrew Houglum