Which CRM is Right for My Company?

As a consulting company with a focus on marketing, we have used many different customer relationship management or CRM systems.

When starting with a new client we always try and make use of the systems they already have in place.  We never (well… almost never) “blow up” 💥💥💥 a client’s entire system.

Why?  Aren’t there some CRM systems that are simply better than others?  Don’t we need our clients to use “our” system?

For the most part the answer is… NO.

There is only one question we ask our clients when it comes to their CRM…

Are you actually using your CRM?

If the answer is YES 👍, then we will bend their existing CRM to fit what needs to be done.

If the answer is NO 👎, then we will work with our client to figure out… Why not!

A CRM is just a tool, like a hammer or a saw.  If you aren’t using it, then you could have the best tool in the work – and it wouldn’t matter.

Andrew Houglum