Automate or Not to Automate… That is the Question!

We build a lot of process and marketing flowcharts for our clients, and the first thing that almost every client asks is how can we automate every aspect of the flow.

I have to admit… I ❤ automation!

I love connecting multiple systems together to create a beautiful system that comes alive and helps our client to focus on what they do best.  Even though automation is amazing and beautiful – it can also crush a project even before it gets off the ground.

Most projects, whether they are process or marketing, require some period of testing.  I would recommend that you do NOT try to automate the flow prior to having the theory behind the flow proven.  Sure you may have to do some manually data entry, but if you can get to the testing or proof phase quickly…  You can save a project from being abandoned due to “paralysis by analysis.”

Follow these steps:

  1. Create process flow
  2. Test process flow for viability
  3. Adjust process flow
  4. Automate! ⚙
16 May, 2019
Andrew Houglum