The Tale of Two Clients

This week I had an interesting set of experiences with two different clients.  Both clients had unrealistic expectations of how their marketing pieces show be created, but from different ends of the spectrum.

Client #1 – Too Much

For Client #1 we were helping them create a landing page to sell their services.  I had given them the “Golden Circle” of WHY – HOW – WHAT, and they had created about 6 pages of content for a single landing page.

Normally, having more content from a client is better than less content, but in this instance the Client didn’t want to trim any of the content down.  They were attached to all the words that were written instead of allowing us to use the words and construct a landing page that flowed and held a user’s attention.

We worked with the Client to eventually cut the content down to a more standard 300 word landing page.

Remember, for a landing page – LESS IS MORE.  Keep your landing pages between 200 – 300 words, as that is the amount most people can read in a minute.

Client #2 – Not Enough

For Client #2 we were assisting in creating a brochure to outline their entire service offering.  This client’s services were easy to explain to a potential customer… In theory…  But, because the execution contained many different concepts they often had to answer: “What EXACTLY am I getting?”  Or, “What IS xyz service again?”

Normally, this question is easy for a business to answer.  “You are getting X, Y and Z.”  But, in this instance just listing the services wasn’t enough as each service was unique and new to potential customers.

We worked with the Client to expand each of their line items in their service offering.  We applied the WHY – HOW – WHAT principle to each individual activity bundled in their overall service.

Remember, for a new service – MORE IS MORE. Don’t assume that your potential customers speak the same language you do. Be ready and willing to expand your “WHAT” if you are introducing a service to the marketplace.

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25 Nov, 2019
Andrew Houglum